Approaching the finish line

I am  writing a short post to let you know it is that time of the year.  I’m at the end of the semester and working hard to finish my last graduating essay of my MSW program. 

It’s been a journey; the practical hands-on learning has opened new doors for me to work in an area that I’m passionate about: mental health and addiction, as well as counselling. 

Unfortunately, I do not think this program has been “enough”.  I want to learn so much more and gain more clinical skills.  That’s one reason I’m going to keep learning via workshops, books, colleagues- and through the discussion of this blog.  I appreciate the role many of you have paid in my learning as I endeavored to integrate my faith and understanding of social work.

But for now I have to hit the books and keep going!!


4 thoughts on “Approaching the finish line

  1. Your program is really just a starting place for practice. I know that you will continue to bless the world with your talents and heart for God- that is what is needed, and no program can really teach it…

  2. Congrats on graduation! I agree with Sean than the program is always only a starting place…good programs teach you the need and the skills to keep learning…not the answers for every predicament, as if that were even possible.

    Welcome to the world of the MSW!

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