One week

After one week immersed full-time in the world of mental health therapy I am in love and energized.  The day I arrived I had a dozen cases already assigned to me, including both initial assessments and clients who were already long-time clients of the woman I was filling in for.  

The experience of being with someone suffering from anxiety or depression and literally seeing relief and reduction of symptoms as the session went on was satisfying.  I really got to use my whole self in the process and be genuine. What an experience.  And on top of that to try and understand the complexity of people’s lives, thoughts and beliefs and how and when they manifest into “symptoms”.  

I have a fantastic supervisor who herself absolutely loves working with people and doing therapy and who has spend time with me to introduce me to clients and give feedback on the direction of my cases.

I feel as if it is an answer to a prayer I was almost too tentative to pray.  




One thought on “One week

  1. an answer to prayer that you were almost too tentative to pray…?
    ….good thing God can read your thoughts 😉
    blessings to you on your work., and deep kindness and sustenance be yours.

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