This blog is an attempt to weave connections between faith, therapy, and a radical life of as a follower of Jesus Christ.

I am finishing a masters in Social Work in Canada.  I am interested in learning how to be an effective and compassionate therapist / counsellor working with individuals and groups.

I am also passionate about radical hospitality to those on the margins of society, being faithful to the local and global expressions of the church, encouraging inclusivity and love as a body of Christ, while being committed to intentional discipleship.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thankyou for your blog which I stumbled accord when looking for something else online. I am a christian social worker in Australia, working in child abuse/family therapy and I have been looking for discussion about how others manage faith/theory issues. So great to hear your thoughts in the issues I’m grappling with!

  2. I’m a pastor in Toronto who is wrestling with integrating the discoveries of neuroscience with pastoral work. I’m particularly interested in Adult Attachment theory, and AEDP. Your blog looks very interesting. I would love to hear your evaluation of Fosha’s AEDP or Johnson’s EFT.

    • Hi Andrew- thank you for the comments. I am encouraged by your comment re-enter the blogosphere. I haven’t gone further with Fosha’s work but I still draw on the power of positive affect and tend to dwell in and depend those moments. They are actually quite spiritual.

      • The idea of the moments being spiritual intrigues me. Danny Yeung (who is also in Toronto) is one of Fosha’s associates in AEDP and is also a Christian. He is right now teaching a course in Vancouver on Experience Awe in Psychotherapy where he talks about spiritual experiences. I would love to hear more about this.

        • I pray a lot before and during sessions for God’s spirit to be present. I have had spiritual moments, that are obviously moving, for both the client and myself. The act of connecting with another person is a deeply spiritual. I found this has happened more as I have let go of a results- based/performancy based mentality and focus more on being present on the relationship- this however does not mean that I am abandoning skills based work or assignments (journalling etc), and goals, but the achievement of these things is not my yardstick in counselling.

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